Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Mummy (5 Stars)

I'm trying to remember when I last watched this film. It can't have been in the last three years, or it would be listed in my blog. I loved the film ever since I first saw it on television, and I watched the DVD a few times. It must have been one of the first DVDs I bought. I can't remember exactly. I wish I had started my blog earlier, when I bought my first DVD player, or maybe even earlier. It would help jog my memory. My blog is intended to be read by other people, but it's also interesting for me as a film diary, as a record of what I've watched. I can imagine that 10 years from now I'll be reading the old posts with great interest, and they'll be fresh to me, as if written by someone else. At least I have a record of what films I've watched since September 2010 and when I watched them. Almost when I watched them, at least. Sometimes I'm a day late with a review. For instance, I watched "Casa de mi Padre" on Tuesday evening, then went to bed and reviewed it the next day. On occasions I've watched two or three films in a row, then reviewed them in one sitting, but always in the correct order. The only film that I've watched without reviewing over the last three years was "Paul". I saw it in the cinema with my daughter when it was first released, probably February 2011, and I didn't realise until I bought the DVD later in the year that I'd forgotten the review.

Okay, I realise I'm rambling on. What I wanted to say is that this is a great film that I should watch more often. I'll probably watch the Mummy Trilogy back to back over the next few days. I don't understand why this film isn't more popular. People say that it isn't as good as the original Mummy film, made in 1932, of which this is a remake. I'm sorry, I don't get it. Boris Karloff was a good actor, and the original film made good viewing, but there's no way it's as good as the new version. I'm not saying that because of the limited technical capabilities of the past, I do like some old black and white films. The new film is perfect. It has everything going for it. It has action, humour, mystic suspense and such rich characters in all the main roles. Brendan Fraser, the sometimes inept hero. John Hannah, the always inept hero. Rachel Weisz, the damsel in distress, or rather the anti-damsel-in-distress, "an intelligent, highly educated woman who loudly proclaims women's independence, but becomes weak and helpless as soon as a strong man confronts her". Kevin O'Connor, the slimy little betrayer. Oded Fehr, the enigmatic Madjai warrior. And last but not least Arnold Vosloo as the evil but somehow likeable high priest Imhotep, who is willing to destroy the world for love.

I won't go into the plot here. All I'll say is that if you haven't seen the film yet you should watch it as soon as possible. It's a masterpiece. Take my word for it.

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